The WE Campaign of We, The World
WE - A global  campaign of We, The World to unite and amplify the efforts
of people, organizations and movements working for the common good

Join the WE Team!

We are seeking highly motivated individuals passionate about creating social change to positively impact people and the planet. Thank you for collaborating with us!
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Outreach to collaborate with social change organizations and other partners
Social media
Graphic design
Volunteer coordinating
Web Development
Video producing/editing
I am interested in working on the following Global Unity Campaign Themes....
Theme 1 – Unity
Theme 2 – Interdependence
Theme 3 – Environment
Theme 4 – Economic Justice
Theme 5 – Health
Theme 6 – Children & Youth
Theme 7 – Women
Theme 8 – Human Rights
Theme 9 – Freedom
Theme 10 – Disarmament
Theme 11 – Peace
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1 - 4 hours
5 - 8 hours
9 - 12 hours
13 - 16 hours
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